Interactive Story V 2 - The adventures of PARADOX MAN!!!

Wherever injustice has struck, he will have gone back in time and caused it not to happen thereby getting no recognition because it never happened... He is the unsung hero of everything that ever happened, will happen and didnt happen... He is Paradox Man
Once upon a time, in the not too distant future, Paradox Man was working on his new secret invention...
5/8/09-It was a time machine... He went back to just before this story started and watched himself start it.

22/8/09-Then out from behind the time machine jumps a pie and stabs him in the eyes... "What pie??" paradox man (the one who wasn't stabbed) asked. "THE PIE" replies the freaking huge pie with arms.
23/8/09-As it turned out, the earlier Paradox Man (the one who hasnt gone back in time) was stabbed... In a blinding flash the later Paradox Man disappeared, causing THE PIE to be sucked into the paradox-time vortex thingy with him. This resulted in THE PIE never existing and Paradox Man not getting stabbed.
Paradox Man then woke up with a hangover and only a vague recollection of what had happened (because it actually never happened.)

25/8/09-Just as Paradox Man sat up, a hooded figure stepped out of the time machine muttering something incomprehensible. The figure turned towards Paradox Man and fired some sort of dart at him. As it struck, his world sunk into an inky blackness...
27/8/09-Waking up again, an even worse hangover beat upon his forhead. Staggering into the time machine, Paradox Man jabbed at some buttons and waited for the hangover to wear off. (this was one of the plusses of time travel, hangovers couldnt do it) Emerging, coughing from the machine, he quickly slipped into the darkness. Watching the man get out of the time machine, he slipped a sack ofer him and pushed him infront of the former himself. Disappearing in yet another flash, he woke from the previos flash with a bagged figure in front of him. Slightly remembering what had happened, Paradox Man smiled as he pulled off the sack...
Note: This will eventually be made into a book/comic/crappy move by me and some friends.
Note: I will not always use exactly your idea... For example, the first dated entry was written by James although his actual words were "Cool Start The Story"
Every once in a while (when I can be bothered) I will put in an illustration.
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