This isnt news for me, its just mi stuff I feel like writing here

Go NZ!!!!!!!!!!

The Secret Life of Mao

He is in disguise. :{)
In case you didn't kno, Mao was the Communist leader of China. (My mum is a Mao fanatic)

Lego Food

This is a random picture I found on the net.

Click Here to so my Science Project Survey

It iis about toothbrushes

I painted this (Apparently)

I got this picture by searching my name in Google Images. I also got the one below. I am second from the top and second from the right. (Who is the person who looks like a dog???)



I will write the projects that I am doing here and upload pictures of the completed models (or whatever) here.
Projekt 1. I am working on a cardboard chair inspired by Frank Gehry... Because I am BORED... HaHa...
Projekt 2. I am trying to make a paper ball as big as my head, or that is 5kg. whichever  is biggest
Projekt 3. I am working on a song
Not Done - Proto- type done
Will never be done bcause i burnt it!!
Not Done